Fuel release protected list

The Indy Fuel and the rest of the ECHL released their 2016-17 protected lists Friday. The protected lists are largely procedural, as they list the players a team will claim the rights to for the balance of the season – which lasts until June 16 on the ECHL calendar.

Players on the protected list can be re-signed by the team or traded. Teams have until June 13 to complete future considerations trades. Teams may list an unlimited amount of players on the protected list.

The next major date is when each team will publish its 20-man end-of-season roster on June 16. Teams may begin re-signing players at that point, as well as extend qualifying offers to up to eight players. That protected list is the most important, as it will allow the Fuel to retain the ECHL rights to the eight qualified players for up to one year. All players not re-signed or qualified by June 30 become free agents.

Players for whom the Fuel held rights – either because they were under contract to the team and had not been traded or released or because they received a qualifying offer last summer – are listed on the protected list. Players under AHL or NHL contract cannot be listed, as their rights are held by NHL teams.

Players on the Indy Fuel’s protected list

Active players at the end of the 2016-17 season: Adam Phillips, Travis Armstrong, Zach Miskovic (V), Troy Vance, Chris Williams, Brandon Martell, Nick Bligh, Matt Rupert, Josh Shalla, Paul Zanette, Alex Wideman, Kenny Ryan, Woody Hudson, Michael Neal
Players who were not active with Fuel at end of 2016-17, but played with team: Drew Schiestel, Jacob Poe, Cody Sharib, Kevin Lynch, Marek Tvrdon, Anthony Beauregard, Cason Hohmann, Brady Ramsay
Players extended qualifying offers in 2016: Anders Franzon, Rhett Bly, Mikhail Stefanovich, Darian Dziuryzinski

Players not eligible to be protected because they were on NHL or AHL contracts: Kenton Helgesen, Jake Marchment, Bryn Chyzyk, Chris DeSousa, Evan Mosey, Nick Mattson, Robin Press, Jonathan Carlsson, Dillon Fournier, Eric Levine, Jake Hildebrand

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