IndyPuck link roundup 7/23

Time for a midweek link roundup of what’s going on in hockey …

Indy Fuel/ECHL

Indiana Ice/USHL

  • Josh Jacobs is featured at the 1:45 mark of this recap from the Devils’ prospect camp:

  • And, Blake Coleman scores a beautiful spin-o-rama goal at Devils camp

Indianapolis-related hockey items

Other hockey

  • The Detroit Red Wings have put out renderings of their proposed new arena. On the inside, it has a similar look to a lot of the modern rinks — three tiers, suites in-between, about 20,000 seats. On the outside, it is part of a significant multi-block entertainment/revitalization district. The Wings, who play in the second-oldest rink in the NHL (Joe Louis Arena opened in 1979, replacing the venerable Olympia), are slated to move a few blocks north in 2017.
  • The NBC/NBCSN NHL television schedule was released earlier Tuesday. Yahoo’s Harrison Mooney looks at the winners & losers on the schedule (biggest winner: the Blackhawks, who will have 20 games on an NBC property. The Penguins have 19, the Bruins have 17 and the Flyers 16). Among the highlights: the Winter Classic Jan. 1 between the Blackhawks and Capitals from Washington, and Hockey Day in America on Feb. 22. NBC will have a Washington-Philadelphia and Boston-Chicago doubleheader in the daytime.
  • The Bruins and Blackhawks are both up against (or over) the salary cap and have some areas of depth. Is anyone getting moved, and who? THN looks at both teams.
  • Could the Florida Panthers be leaving the Sunshine State? The local mayor seems to be giving them an out to do so.
  • It’s rule change season. The NCAA has a few changes, most minor (e.g., the defensive player puts his stick down first in the defensive zone, rather than the attacking player; faceoffs move one zone back on a hand pass or high-stick violation). Probably the most notable is the addition of a major penalty for interference, allowing officials more leeway on significant contact away from the play. A “look-up line” (think warning track) is allowed. The USHL is also planning to use the line this year — essentially a 2-foot orange or yellow line around the perimeter of the rink to let players know the boards are close.

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